Server Time
x200 3

Server Stats

  • Server Season Season 6 Episode 3
  • Points Per Level 5/7
  • Max Stats 32767
  • Server Exp 200x
  • Server Drop 30%
  • Total Accounts 25
  • Total Characters 47
  • Total Guilds 4
  • Game Masters 0
  • Players Online 3
  • Online Record 52
  • Active In 24Hours 0

Top Players

Top Guilds

Event Timer

  • Name Time
  • Blood Castle Start In 12m 59s
  • Devil Square Start In 01h 12m 59s
  • Chaos Castle Start In 01h 37m 59s
  • Illusion Temple Start In 05h 47m 59s
  • Castle Deep Start In 03h 42m 59s
  • Crywolf Start In 04h 42m 59s
  • Castle Siege Start In 05h 42m 59s
  • Skeleton King Start In 07h 57m 59s
  • Red Dragon Start In 07h 12m 59s
  • Golden Dragon Start In 04h 42m 59s
  • White Wizard Start In 07h 57m 59s
  • Goblin Point Start In 27m 59s
  • Moss Merchant Start In 05h 42m 59s
  • Game Master Start In 01h 47m 59s
  • Event Drop Start In 02h 42m 59s
  • Happy Hour Start In 03h 42m 59s
  • Premium Start In 6d 05h 42m 59s
  • Santa Village Start In 22h 47m 59s
  • Pouch of Blessing Start In 22h 27m 59s
  • Lunar Rabbit Start In 01h 27m 59s
  • Fire Flame Ghost Start In 04h 27m 59s
  • Golden Erohim Start In 22h 42m 59s
  • Golden Hell Main Start In 01h 42m 59s
  • Golden Kundun Start In 04h 42m 59s
  • Kundun Boss Start In 06h 42m 59s
  • Medusa Boss Start In 07h 42m 59s
  • Master Black Boss Start In 05h 52m 59s
  • Cent Boss Start In 09h 12m 59s
  • Core Magriffy Boss Start In 04h 02m 59s
  • Lord Silvester Boss Start In 07h 57m 59s
  • Lord of Ferea Boss Start In 09h 57m 59s
  • Nix Boss Start In 08h 57m 59s
  • Dambo King Start In 02h 52m 59s
  • God of Water Boss Start In 09h 27m 59s
  • God of Darkness Boss Start In 10h 27m 59s
  • TvT Arena Start In 07h 32m 59s
  • Kubera Mine Drop Start In 05h 42m 59s
  • Abyss Atlan Drop Start In 42m 59s
  • Scotch Canyon Drop Start In 03h 42m 59s


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