Server Time
x300 15

Server Stats

  • Server Season Season 6 Episode 18
  • Points Per Level 5
  • Max Stats 32767
  • Server Exp 300x
  • Server Drop 30%
  • Total Accounts 271
  • Total Characters 325
  • Total Guilds 9
  • Game Masters 1
  • Players Online 15
  • Online Record 59

Top Players

Top Guilds

Event Timer

  • Name Time
  • Blood Castle Start In 53s
  • Devil Square Start In 30m 53s
  • Chaos Castle Start In 55m 53s
  • Illusion Temple Start In 03h 00m 53s
  • Castle Deep Start In 06h 30m 53s
  • Crywolf Start In 5d 22h 00m 00s
  • Castle Siege Start In 14h 00m 53s
  • Skeleton King Start In 02h 05m 53s
  • Red Dragon Start In 02h 15m 53s
  • Golden Invasion Start In 02h 25m 53s
  • White Wizard Start In 02h 50m 53s
  • Golden Colossus Start In 03h 25m 53s
  • Moss Merchant Start In 03h 15m 53s
  • Evomons Start In 3d 22h 00m 00s
  • Event Drop Start In 09h 30m 53s
  • Pandora Start In 18h 50m 53s
  • Pouch of Blessing Start In 20h 05m 53s
  • Lunar Rabbit Start In 20h 15m 53s
  • Fire Flame Ghost Start In 20h 25m 53s
  • Golden Hell Main Start In 10h 00m 53s
  • Double Goer Start In 06h 00m 53s
  • Chicken Start In 08h 00m 53s
  • Medusa Boss Start In 21h 00m 53s
  • Crused Santa Start In 20h 50m 53s
  • Core Magriffy Boss Start In 1d 22h 00m 00s
  • Lord Silvester Boss Start In 22h 00m 00s
  • Lord of Ferea Boss Start In 4d 22h 00m 00s
  • Nix Boss Start In 3d 22h 00m 00s
  • God of Darkness Boss Start In 2d 22h 00m 00s
  • TvT Arena Start In 22h 00m 00s
  • Protector of Acheron Start In 12h 30m 53s
  • Arka War Tower Start In 5d 22h 00m 00s
  • Guild vs Guild Start In 2d 22h 00m 00s
  • Marathon Start In 16h 05m 53s


Grand opening 27.05.2023 at 18:00 CEST

**Join the GodeHardMu Exp 300 Max Level 800 Grand Opening Today at 18:00 CEST - Access the Discord Server Page and Game Guide**

Join GodeHardMu Exp 300 Max Level 800 Grand Opening Server today at 18:00 CEST! Are you a fan of online games? Do you enjoy the thrill of competing against other players from around the world? If so, GodeHardMu is the perfect server for you! The server is set to go live today at 18:00 CEST and promises to offer players an unforgettable gaming experience. In this publication, we will discuss the various features and gameplay of the GodeHardMu server, how to access it, as well as its grand opening and future updates.

GodeHardMu is a server that promises to offer its players a unique gaming experience. The server has several features that make it stand out from other online gaming servers. Firstly, the maximum character level in GodeHardMu has been increased to 800, which is higher than most other online game servers. Secondly, the server has 300x experience and a 30% drop rate, which makes the gameplay more interesting and exciting. Third, the server has a 4th class upgrade new level-up EXP system that increases the max character level to 800 and gives you a better leveling experience. These features make GodeHardMu the perfect server for players who like to experience a unique and challenging gaming environment.

To access the GodeHardMu server, you must download and install the full version of the client, which is available free of charge on the server's website The client is easy to install and requires no technical knowledge. Once the client is installed, you can log into the server and start playing. In addition, the server has several resources, including a Discord game guide, which can help you understand the gameplay and get the most out of your gaming experience.

The grand opening of the GodeHardMu server is scheduled to take place today at 18:00 CEST. The management has planned several events to make the grand opening an unforgettable experience for players. Events include a PvP tournament, treasure hunt, and boss raid. The management also announced that they will release new updates and features in the future to keep players engaged and entertained. So join the GodeHardMu server today and experience a unique and challenging gaming environment.

Client Link:

Posted by User561770, 27.5.2023